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Foundation familyMDS Foundation has launched a new grant program to fund organizations that increase access to dental care for needy individuals in Massachusetts.

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Thank you to those who have contributed to last year's Annual Giving Campaign. The annual fund year, which runs May 1 - April 30, has ended. Please make your annual contribution to the 2007-08 Campaign.

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Morton Society*†

$10,000 or more

Named for the Massachusetts dentist who performed the first public demonstration of ether as an anesthetic in dental surgery, 1846.

Dr. Robert E. Boose
Dr. Randall L. Davis, PC
       Dr. Najmeh Farokhi
       Dr. Sara L. Filstrup
       Dr. David J. Fiorillo
       Dr. Cheryl M. Hills
       Dr. Seema Z. Jacob
       Dr. Edward E. Ratcliffe
       Dr. Neil J. Twomey
       Dr. Cathleen E. Wallent
Dr. Alan K. DerKazarian
Dr. Roderick and Mrs. Donna Lewin
Gentle Dental Associates
       Dr. Joseph B. Capua
       Dr. Michael Chang
       Dr. Scott J. Fitzgerald
       Dr. Robert P. Girschek
       Dr. David A. Goldberg
       Dr. Mohammed H. Golparvar
       Dr. Rami F. Jradeh
       Dr. Robert Kelleher
       Dr. Jonathan D. Millen
       Dr. Stephanie T. Payne
       Dr. Jay L. Pivor
       Dr. Sigal Revah
       Dr. Richard M. Rothstein
       Dr. Stanley J. Rozanski 
       Dr. Jan A. Sapak
       Dr. Samuel M. Shames
       Dr. Leendert P. Van De Rydt
       Dr. Ronald G. Weissman

Salmon Society*†


Named for the first President of the Massachusetts Dental Society, 1864.

Dr. Robert A. Faiella
Dr. Charles A. Gagne
Dr. David B. Harte
Dr. James and Mrs. Mary Thiel

President's Club*


Dr. Ronald M. Chaput
Dr. John P. Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. Milton A. Glicksman
Dr. Alan S. Gold
Dr. Constantinos A. Levanos
Dr. Richard LoGuercio
Dr. Robert E. Losert
Dr. Raymond K. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Pietrasik

Platinum Donors


Dr. Sara S. Bachman
Dr. Arthur A. Daniels, Jr.
Dr. Nicholas M. Dello Russo
Dr. Augustino T. Forcucci, in memory of Dr. Richard Forcucci
Ms. Linda Karas, Karas Tours
Dr. Stephen W. McKenna
Ms. Marlene Petro
Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Raymond
Dr. Andrea Richman
Dr. David A. Schmid
Dr. Jeffrey A. Slone
Dr. Edward Swiderski

Gold Donors


Dr. David B. Becker
Dr. John C. Carvalho
Dr. James S. Cinamon
Dr. Melvin I. Cohen
Mr. Jack Eiferman, Esq.
Dr. Shepard S. Goldstein
Dr. Abraham W. Haddad
Dr. Michel A. Jusseaume
Dr. Mary H. Kreitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Lopes
Dr. Nicholas A. Perrotta
Dr. David S. Samuels
Dr. Charles L. Silvius
Dr. Michael S. Swartz
Dr. Thomas A. Trowbridge

Silver Donors


Dr. Nily Abramovitz
Dr. William J. Adams, Jr.
Mr. Robert J. Alconada
Dr. William M. Auffinger
Dr. Michael J. Bane
Drs. Stephen J. Black and John P. Blatz, Jr., Massasoit Dental Associates
Dr. Diane M. Bonanni
Dr. Alfred M. Bongiorno
Ms. Kathleen Boyce
Dr. René R. Bousquet
Ms. Tara M. Brady
Dr. Philip B. Conti
Dr. Casey B. Cook
Dr. Richard J. Cote
Dr. Michael G. Curtin
Dr. Edward M. D'Eramo
Dr. Phuong T. Dao
Dr. Michael C. Davis
Mr. Scott G. Davis
Mr. Stephen A. Dellelo, Eastern Dental Financial Services
Dr. Nicholas M. Dello Russo
Dr. Mary C. DeMello
Dr. Steven C. Demetriou
Ms. Lois Dennis
Dr. William R. Dennis
Dr. Betsy Disharoon
Dr. Mark J. Doherty
Dr. Robert J. Esdale
Ms. Ellen Factor
Dr.  D. Lawrence Fadjo
Dr. Vincent P. A. Failla
Dr. Maurice J. Fitzgerald
Dr. Paul D. Fitzgerald
Dr. Norbert P. Fraga
Dr. Robert Garber
Dr. Raul I. Garcia
Ms. Maryellen Geurtsen
Dr. Anthony N. Giamberardino
Dr. Philip F.M. Gilley, Jr.
Dr. John L. Giunta
Mr. George W. Gonser, Jr.
Dr. L. Michael Gouveia
Dr. Carl S. Gulrich
Dr. Michael H. Gusar
Dr. Katherine A. Haltom
Dr. Mary Jane Hanlon-Rogers
Dr. Charles P. Hapcook, Eastern Dentists Insurance Company
Dr. John A. Herzog
Ms. Lois M. Holt
Dr. Charles E. Hoye
Dr. David M. Hoye
Dr. Barry M. Jaye
Dr. Joseph M. Kelly
Mr. Ralph Kimball, LaVigne
Dr. Emma J. Koukol
Dr. Iman S. Labib
Dr. June Warren Lee
Dr. David P. Lustbader
Dr. Shibly D. Malouf
Dr. Linda A. Maykel
Ms. Shannon McCarthy
Dr. Kevin J. McNeil
Dr. Eugene Mickey
Ms. Valerie J. Miller
Dr. William E. Miller
Mr. Jesse Mirenda
Dr. Janis C. Moriarty
Dr. Paul T. Murphy
Dr. Ronald B. Orr
Dr. Nicholas A. Perrotta
Dr. Ralph P. Pollack
Ms. Dorrey J. Prevost
Dr. Thomas B. Puschak
Dr. Zori Rabinovitz
Dr. Philip E. Richardson
Dr. Michael A. Rubin
Dr. Samuel P. Sawyer
Dr. Arthur I. Schwartz
Dr. Francis X. Shea
Dr. Michael C. Sheff
Dr. R. Scott Smith
Dr. Jeanne P. Strathearn
Dr. Theodore J. Thibodeau
Dr. Kevin F. Toomey
Dr. John W. Torchia
Dr. Thomas P. Torrisi
Dr. Frank T. Varinos
Dr. Lisa Vouras
Dr. Michael Wasserman
Dr. Robert J. Watson
Dr. Carrie C. Webb
Dr. Hans Peter Weber
Dr. Kevin Wells
Dr. Benjamin A. White
Dr. Martin A. Wohl
Dr. Richard A. Zuppardi

Major Tribute Donors, donations of $1,000 or more


Dr. and Mrs. John Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Glicksman
Drs. Thiel, Rubin, Wang, & Staff

In honor of the marriage of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Boose
In honor of the marriage of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Boose
In honor of their colleagues and friends

Major Corporate Donors and Grants, donations of $5,000 or more


Dental Services of MA
Procter & Gamble
Dentrix, A-Dec, Air Techniques
Robert F. Stoico/FIRSTFED Fnd.
Massachusetts Dental Society
MDS Insurance Services, Inc.
GE Healthcare Financial Services

$250,000 per year for the next three years, MAC Van
$250,000, MAC Van
$150,000, equipment donations, MAC Van
$130,000, MAC Van
$100,000 per year for the next five years, MAC Van
$13,500, event sponsorship
$7,250, event sponsorship


*Receive discount tickets to special events.
†May be either a single contribution or cumulative over five years.